Segue Management Consulting is a firm that helps your business achieve its short and medium term goals whilst laying foundations for a positive longer term future. Our objective is to support your business through a particular defined phase and to ensure your success. The Business is owned by Keith Palmer, its principal consultant who wanted to help companies to transition – or segue – through particular phases in their development. Keith does this by calling on his extensive and varied management experience, his easy going style, his associates and wider business network


As the name Segue suggests, we want to enable the smooth transition from where you are now, to where you want to go. That may be a big journey, or one broken down into smaller steps. It may be in a new direction. It may be particularly challenging. In any case, we are the resource that you don’t have at the moment. Be that due to capability, capacity or a gap in the organisation structure. We are the catalyst, the impact player, the doer.  You want it to happen. We’ll make it happen.


It’s quite difficult choosing a name for a company. I had thought of “Keith Palmer – Management Guru” and I was planning to abbreviate that to KPMG but it seems there’s another consultancy that thought of that first. I did come up with a quirky name that was an anagram of my kids’ names, however a quick search revealed that whilst this was indeed a unique business name, it also had some unfortunate connotations. If you’re intrigued, I can share that with you when we’re working together.

I knew for some time what I wanted to deliver in a consultancy firm. I wanted to be the link or the bridge between the place you are now and the place you want to go to. Or put another way, the company you are now to the company you want to be. My principle was to make that transition or journey as smooth as possible. Ideally, it’d be good if my company name reflected this approach.

Anyway, I was in my garage one day listening to Radio 2, when the presenter commented on the segue between two songs he had just played. When I was a kid (and listened to Radio 1) DJ’s often talked about segues but it was a word I hadn’t heard for ages. I knew it broadly meant transition but when I looked it up and found, amongst several definitions, the one below, I knew it captured the principal I wanted to apply to my reflected this consultancy.


to move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another. 



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